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Farm Africa proud to support Ethiopia's 2020 Green Legacy Campaign

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Farm Africa proud to support Ethiopia's 2020 Green Legacy Campaign.

Farm Africa took part in Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Campaign in the Oromia Region, planting local tree nurseries across five hectares of land in the town of Mojo, and 26,950 tree seedlings in Galorape and Abine Garmama. The campaign took place on Wednesday 29 July in a national movement to protect Ethiopia’s landscape and diverse fauna..

This year the Green Legacy Campaign set the ambitious target to plant 200 million tree seedlings across Ethiopia within 12 hours. This will contribute towards Ethiopia’s National Green Growth initiative. The initiative, which has been backed by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, aims to reach national green environmental goals and combat the effects of changing climates and deforestation in the region. The government has set an annual target to plant five billion indigenous tree seedlings..

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On 18th May, Prime Minister Abiy launched the 2021 edition of the Green Legacy Initiative, a tree-planting campaign aimed at curbing the effects of climate change and deforestation. During the upcoming rainy season, Ethiopia plans on planting 6 billion seedlings.


officially launched the 2021 edition of the #GreenLegacy Initiative. This year, 6 billion seedlings will be planted across #Ethiopia as part of efforts to fight the effects of #deforestation and #climatechange. #ClimateAction #TogetherForOurPlanet.

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