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Maichel David
Apr 20, 2022
In General Discussion
Seventeen years later, the state has been emphasizing the need to carry out supply-side reforms. The report of the 19th National Taiwan Phone Number List Congress of the Communist Party of China also stated: "The contradiction between people's growing needs for a better life and unbalanced and insufficient development is the new era of Taiwan Phone Number List socialist development with Chinese characteristics. The core of the contradiction is to deepen supply-side reforms and accelerate the reduction of innovative countries.” Supply-side reform is an important way to resolve the contradiction between overcapacity and the unmet needs of the people. Only by carrying out reforms on the supply side can we change the phenomenon of backward production levels, serious Taiwan Phone Number List homogenization competition, and low industrial efficiency, so as to build people's Demand as the core of the information industry system. To build this new industrial system, it is necessary to open up information Taiwan Phone Number List in the industry and accurately match supply and demand, and the industrial Internet platform is undoubtedly the best carrier to realize this demand. After the consumer Internet has entered a mature stage, the industry will be forced to upgrade the Internet Since 2000, the Internet has experienced the information age, the social age, the e-commerce age, and then Taiwan Phone Number List the sharing platform age, all of which have been innovating around the needs of end consumers. of satisfaction. The number of users of top popular apps such as WeChat, QQ, Taobao, Alipay, Didi, and Toutiao is in the hundreds of millions. The domestic demographic dividend is about to disappear, and Taiwan Phone Number List competition among Internet companies is intensifying; And information on all aspects of people's lives has also inadvertently left traces on the Internet through these head applications, providing a data foundation for industrial upgrading.
Maichel David

Maichel David

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