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rakuiboul hasan
Apr 13, 2022
In General Discussion
The main courses of these leading institutions are basically locked by the "double reduction" policy. If they want to further develop or survive the pressure, adjusting the operation mode and transformation is the only way. Recently, Yuanfudao made a high-profile announcement to transform quality education and released pumpkin science products; New Oriental increased the operation of art courses before the "double reduction" was implemented, in order to transform quality education; Xueersi aimed at the after-school hosting market. Yuanfudao's "Pumpkin Science" product release site, picture source network 2. The preschool education app has become a new "chicken artifact" 1. Top 20 educational app advertisers: 9 preschool education apps on the list In the TOP20 of education hot app advertisement rankings in July, a total of 9 preschool education apps are on the list, and the advertising is strong. It is speculated that on the one hand, other forms of education mainly purchase courses through landing pages to attract traffic, on the other hand, preschool education is strictly After the online and offline courses of the pipeline, literacy and nursery rhymes apps have become the main means for parents to educate their preschool job title email list children in their spare time. Strict policy control has indeed stopped the crazy growth of educational institutions, but the education system has not undergone fundamental changes, and problems such as high school diversion and low vocational education popularity still exist. Without universal online education courses, one-on-one private education may become a way for families with better economic conditions to overtake cars, and this will also increase the impact of educational injustice. 3. Educational advertising returns to rationality and no longer creates anxiety 1. Educational advertisements are still dominated by video advertisements, supplemented by pictures In the distribution of education and training advertisements in the past three months, horizontal screen video advertisements accounted for 32.76%. Specific to the form of advertisement placement in each sub-sector, it can be found that vocational skills training and academic examination industries are more keen to place image advertisements, and video advertisements in other education industries account for more than 40%. 2. Analysis of advertising materials in key education sub-sectors in the past seven days (1) Vocational skills training ① 0 basic low threshold, you can learn accounting at home Through the timeless life of housewives who need to take care of children, the advertisement calls on the audience to strive for opportunities to improve themselves, and introduces the elements of zero foundation, low threshold, and free time learning that the advertising content wants to highlight.

rakuiboul hasan

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