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Jul 25, 2022
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Evil Dead: The Game is getting its first chunk of post-launch content. The “Army of Darkness” update brings the medieval Castle Kandar map, two devastating weapons, Exploration mode, and a suite of fresh paid cosmetic items. Players have eagerly awaited supplemental content for Evil Dead: The Game since it launched precisely two months ago. Exploration mode allows players to freely roam the vast locations in Evil Dead: The Game entirely on their own, and they can do so in style by purchasing Ash Williams' S-Mart Employee Outfit or Gallant Knight Outfit. There's also a Medieval Bundle featuring Henry the Red's Scottish Vibe Outfit, Lord Arthur's Battle Prep Outfit, and a Gilded Attire costume pack. In the brand new single-player exploration mode, players can go about experiencing the maps at their own pace, exploring every nook and cranny that they don't get time to appreciate during live matches. Considering how huge Evil Dead: The Game's detailed maps are, this will act as a pretty good means of learning your way around a map before playing on it. The Castle Kandar map will feature a host of iconic locations from the Army of Darkness film, including the Windmill, Arthurian Outpost, Fort Gort, and the Castle Kandar Keep. For fans of the franchise, these detailed environments encourage thorough examination. Thankfully, the new single-player Exploration mode allows players the freedom to navigate these legendary locales at their leisure. Players can free-roam across any location in Evil Dead: The Game thanks to this bonus mode. The new map, weapons, and single-player exploration mode are free as part of the Army of Darkness update that is available to all owners of Evil Dead: The Game while Ash's two alternative outfits can be picked up for $2.99 each and the Medieval Bundle can be purchased for $7.99 – unless you're a Season Pass 1 owner, in which case the bundle will be free. The new weapons on offer are a mace for some close range hacking and slashing, and an explosive crossbow. This crossbow functions exactly as you'd think - a long range attack that is a literal blast. Now is selling cheap Evil Dead The Game Account, full stock, fast delivery, our team delivers Evil Dead The Game Account by auction house, all you need to do is choose your platform and coins amount to make order, list a player up in the auction house, our team will find and buy your player, easy & fast.If you have any question about how to buy Evil Dead The Game Account, feel free to contact us via live chat, our customer service is 24 / 7 online. And you also can sell Evil Dead The Game Account to us, please contact us via live chat or skype.


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