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About Green Legacy

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Under the initiative of Prime Minister Abiy, five billion seedlings will be planted across Ethiopia during the rainy season to help curb the effects of climate change and deforestation


According to the Green Legacy Initiative steering committee, Ethiopia has so far planted more than 4.1 billion trees out of the intended 5 billion, attaining 83% of the set target for this year.

Officially launched by Prime Minister Abiy on 5th June, coinciding with World Environment Day, the tree-planting campaign is a demonstration of Ethiopia’s efforts to sustain biodiversity and commitment to green, climate-resilient growth.

The Prime Minister applauded the progress and called on all stakeholders to play their part in ensuring Ethiopia meets the 2020 set target. He urged the community to nurture the initiative to national culture level.

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Planting seedlings in cities and rural areas to improve the benefit of forest for the country's social and ecological goals and realizing Ethiopia's prosperity.


Ensure the development of the country through implementing efficient rural as well as urban green initiatives based on research and development and by coordinating human power and institutional and Technical capacities at all levels.

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